10 Jun 2014

Photo of the week: Jenny Hoy

Prof Jenny Hoy outside The Alfred
Prof Jenny Hoy, Department of Infectious Diseases, CCS and Alfred, has been a clinician and researcher for thirty years and is well known and respected in the HIV+ community for her commitment. She has been researching how longterm #HIV infection affects the development of chronic diseases including cardiovascular and osteoporosis. Jenny is giving a public lecture 10 July, "Challenges of living well with HIV". See more, http://www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/infectious-diseases/education/2014-public-lecture.html. All welcome. RSVP
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Events calendar

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NOTE: Staff and Students Emergency Training and New Warden Training are held over 2 weeks starting from 11 Jun 2014.  Please see Announcements for session dates and times.

What's on for this week

Tue Jun 10 11:00 AM Confirmation of Masters candidature - Mr Belden Mado
11:00 AM ACBD and Dept Med Seminar Series 2014
Thur Jun 12 12:00 PM PhD Mid-candidature review - Ms Sara Mokhtar

Forthcoming events

Mon Jun 16 12:30 PM Psychiatry Professorial Grand Round

Tue Jun 17 3:30 PM PhD Mid-candidature review seminar - Ms Hannah Pearce
Wed Jun 18 12:30 PM PhD Midcandidature review seminar - Mr Dean Talia

Major CCS events

10 July 2014 CCS Public lecture "Challenges of living well with HIV: Where to from here?"

Professor Jenny Hoy
CCS is holding its annual public lecture for 2014 on 10 July, on a viral infection that has changed our world, the Human immunodeficiency virus infection (HIV). Professor Jennifer Hoy has 30 years' experience in HIV clinical research and patient care, particularly on how HIV contributes to the increased likelihood of chronic illness such as cardiovascular disease and osteoporosis. She will describe how the lives of people with HIV transform, how her current research is changing the way doctors help people with HIV, and outline the challenges ahead. See web page with detail & RSVP link.

Research highlights

Sharon Lewin on the Lancet seminar paper overviewing HIV infection

Prof Sharon Lewin video
Prof Gary Maartens, Prof Connie Celum and Prof Sharon Lewin, Department of Infectious Diseases, have published a seminar article in The Lancet, "HIV infection: epidemiology, pathogenesis, treatment, and prevention". Sharon gives an overview of the article, including her own area of pathogenesis, covering recent developments in immune activation and vaccine development. "No-one clears HIV spontaneously", she says, which is a very unusual feature for a virus. Treatments are now investigating latency, or how to 'wake up' dormant virus hidden within cells. #HIV also causes low level inflammation from immune activation, which contributes to chronic disease development. See The Lancet abstract.

Media mentions

 02/06/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, head of the Department of Gastroenterology, commented on the affect of gluten intolerance.  Gibson said that when people stop consuming gluten, they reduce the intakes of oligosaccharides that can cause a lot of bloating. He also said that anyone who goes on a gluten free diet should be checked for Coeliac disease before going on the diet.
Radio National, Oamaru Mail
04/06/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, has released research to indicate gluten sensitivity may not exist.  In contrast to his 2011 study, Gibson said, ‘‘we could find absolutely no specific response to gluten’’.
Taranaki Daily News

02/06/2014 03/06/2014 Professor Paul FitzgeraldMonash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, commented on magnetic stimulation, providing relief from severe depression. Professor Fitzgerald said pilot studies of about 20 patients showed the accelerated program was providing substantial relief from severe depression in about 30 to 40 per cent of cases.

03/06/2014 Professor Jayashri KulkarniMonash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, comments on new research which has found taking anti-psychotic drugs during pregnancy increases the risk of premature delivery, respiratory problems and withdrawal symptoms in babies.
Headlines Global News, Counsel and Heal,
News Medical, Townsville Bulletin, Launceston Examiner

04/06/2014 Professor  Kulkarni, commented on the impact of empty nest syndrome on women's mental health. She said that it can have a profound impact on women's emotional stability and impact their work life and the rest of their life.
ABC Online, AAP Newswire, ABC Radio

Vale Amanda Banfield

Amanda Banfield
It is with great sadness that the Gastroenterology Department at Central Clinical School announces the passing of a dear colleague and friend, Amanda Banfield.  With Amanda’s meticulous, dedicated, loyal and committed nature to her work, she was a remarkable research dietitian and an asset to our team.  Besides Amanda’s incredible work ethic - her kindness, warmth, and her love of music, nature, animals, food and ‘good’ tea and coffee, are just some of the things by which we will fondly remember her. Amanda will be greatly missed by all.  The Funeral to Celebrate the Life of Amanda Banfield will be held at Zonzo, 957 Healesville - Yarra Glen Rd, Yarra Glen on TUESDAY (June 10, 2014) commencing at 2.00 p. m. At Amanda's request those attending the celebration are asked not to wear all black. In lieu of flowers donations to Brain Cancer and William Buckland at the Alfred would be appreciated - See more at: