10 Jun 2014

Media mentions

 02/06/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, head of the Department of Gastroenterology, commented on the affect of gluten intolerance.  Gibson said that when people stop consuming gluten, they reduce the intakes of oligosaccharides that can cause a lot of bloating. He also said that anyone who goes on a gluten free diet should be checked for Coeliac disease before going on the diet.
Radio National, Oamaru Mail
04/06/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, has released research to indicate gluten sensitivity may not exist.  In contrast to his 2011 study, Gibson said, ‘‘we could find absolutely no specific response to gluten’’.
Taranaki Daily News

02/06/2014 03/06/2014 Professor Paul FitzgeraldMonash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, commented on magnetic stimulation, providing relief from severe depression. Professor Fitzgerald said pilot studies of about 20 patients showed the accelerated program was providing substantial relief from severe depression in about 30 to 40 per cent of cases.

03/06/2014 Professor Jayashri KulkarniMonash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, comments on new research which has found taking anti-psychotic drugs during pregnancy increases the risk of premature delivery, respiratory problems and withdrawal symptoms in babies.
Headlines Global News, Counsel and Heal,
News Medical, Townsville Bulletin, Launceston Examiner

04/06/2014 Professor  Kulkarni, commented on the impact of empty nest syndrome on women's mental health. She said that it can have a profound impact on women's emotional stability and impact their work life and the rest of their life.
ABC Online, AAP Newswire, ABC Radio

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