23 Nov 2014

Photo of the week

2014 CCS HDR Symposium winners with Prof Robyn O'Hehir (Centre)
Central Clinical School postgraduate students held a very successful symposium on 19 November 2014, the seventh annual symposium since the series inception. There was an outstanding line up of both oral and poster presenters. Comic relief was provided by getting supervisors to jump through the hoops of "Explain my graph" (in which a supervisor had to speak to graphs in a subject area not their own) and the "No-Bell" prize competition (in which supervisors had to answer tricky questions in very non-technical language).
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Events: HDR seminars, public events, general notices

All event notices are maintained on the CCS Events calendars (including local events such as professional development and trade fairs and HDR calendars). For a consolidated view, details of events and to see all events and deadlines, see Announcements.  Various Departments have their own calendars: See CCS seminar index: www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/events/seminars.html

What's on for this week

Mon Nov 2411:00 AMMonash and Burnet Immunology Symposium

1:30 PMPsychiatry Professorial Grand Round - Dr Leo Chen
Fri Nov 28
Deadline: HDR re-enrolment for 2015

Forthcoming events

Mon Dec 1 1:30 PM Psychiatry Professorial Grand Round

2:00 PM CCS HOS annual Address

Opportunity to join the AMREP EMCR Committee 2015

2014 AMREP EMCR Committee members
The AMREP EMCR Committee is looking for dedicated, energetic and enthusiastic EMCRs (PhD students, and 1-10 years Postdocs) to join their growing and dynamic committee, in 2015. This committee will be responsible for the ongoing management and organisation of all EMCR related activities at AMREP (encompassing Monash, Baker IDI, Burnet, and Alfred), including the following:

Media mentions

20/11/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, Head of the Department of Gastroenterology, had studied 34 people with irritable bowel syndrome who did not have coeliac disease but reacted badly to wheat and had concluded that non-coeliac gluten sensitivity "may exist".
Canberra Times

2014 HR dates

Last working day - Tuesday, 23 December 2014

First working day for 2015 - Monday, 5 January 2015

Below is the specific pay periods and payment dates for salary payments leading up to and after the close down: 

Pay FortnightPay Day
29/11/14 - 12/12/14Thursday, 11 December 2014
13/12/13 - 26/12/14Friday , 19 December 2014
27/12/14 - 09/01/15Thursday, 8 January 2015

For further information in regards to the University closedown period please visit: http://www.adm.monash.edu.au/human-resources/news/closedown-deadlines.html

Casual/ Sessional Employee Timesheet Submission and Supervisor Approval Payroll Deadlines

All electronic time sheets must be approved on Monday,15 December 2014 (before 4 pm) 

For all paper based time sheet, please submit before end of business on Friday, 12 December 2014 (for any time sheets with dates prior to 12 December 2014).

ActivitySubmission DeadlineFurther Information
Casual/Sessional Requests - New
Requests for new engagements required for 15 December 2014 and up until 12 January 2015
Friday 5 December 2014Access HR will endeavour to ensure all stakeholders (appointee, approver etc) complete their part of the engagement process to ensure that new terms of engagements can be issued and accepted prior to University closedown.
Casual/Sessional Requests - Rehires in Rex ONLY
For engagements expiring between 15 December 2014 and 12 January 2015
Friday 5 December 2014Rehires should be completed in the new Contract Expiry Management System (CEM) for Casual/Sessional. Where rehire in CEM is not possible, a request can be made to Access HR who will endeavour to ensure all stakeholders (appointee, approver etc) complete their part of the engagement process to ensure that terms of engagement can be issued and accepted prior to University closedown.

If you require any further clarification in regards to the end of year closedown please don't hesitate to contact:

Stephanie Murray
HR Business Partner
Working Days Monday-Tuesday-Thursday

Staff news

Welcome to Catie Bleeker to the MAPrc team.  Caitie will be working with Emmy Gavrilids as a student volunteer. Her work interests are completing Bach of Psychology with Honours at Monash. Studying and working in areas based on research on psychosis, mood disorders and neurodegenerative disorders.


Welcome to Arup Dhar to the MAPrc team.  Arup is working with MAPrc as a Registrar and clinical research scientist. His work interests are depression, anxiety and  cardio metabolic disturbance in mental health.