29 Jun 2014

Media mentions

23/06/2014 Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, Director, MAPrc, discussed the link between hormones and mental health.
The Conversation

25/06/2014 27/06/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, Head of the Department of Gastroenterology, commented on gluten free diets.  He said that people are adopting a gluten free diet without needing to. Gibson mentioned it as an epidemic across the US, Europe NZ and Australia.
Daily Telegraph, Herald Sun, 3AW, The Courier-Mail and two other online publications.
Radio National Canberra and syndicated to 8 regional radio stations
Prof Gibson "will take the newest trend of gluten-free foods head on, exploring whether increasing demand driven by consumers, pseudoscience or science" on the 47th AIFST Annual Convention. Food Australia
26/06/2014 Prof Gibson said that about 1-2 per cent of the adult population has coeliac disease, but about 10 per cent are avoiding gluten.
ABC South East NSW, 774 ABC Melbourne, ABC South West WA, Channel 7, Channel 10, and 17 other publications.
  25/06/2014 Dr Jane Muir, Head of Translational Nutrition, Department of Gastroenterology: "will separate fact from fiction in the emerging story of gut health" on the 47th AIFST Annual Convention.
Food Australia

26/06/2014, 27/06/204 Professor Sharon Lewin, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, is quoted in reference to her study on advancements in HIV treatment and prevention.  She said that there was still no cure or vaccine for HIV.
News Medical, The Age, Canberra Times

26/06/2014 Professor Paul Fitzgerald, MAPrc, commented about people living with mental illness like bipolar and their use of social media.
3AW Melbourne
27/06/2014 Prof Fitzgerald commented on the recently launched special app for Facebook users to predict mental health relapses.  He said that users would receive a message when their use has changed
612 ABC Brisbane and syndicated to 74 regional radio stations.

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