29 Jun 2014

Staff News

Welcome to the following MAPrc staff: 
Professor David Barton, formally the Clinical Director of Psychiatry at Monash Health (which used to be called Southern Health) has joined MAPrc/CCS as a new adjunct Monash University Professor of Psychiatry. David has an excellent track record of clinical research in depression and cardiovascular disease and has an ongoing appointment with the Baker IDI. David also has a long history of innovative teaching of undergraduates and postgraduates in psychiatry, as well as providing clinical treatment for many patients with complex mental disorders. He will be at MAPrc on a part-time basis. Welcome Professor Barton

Kylie White is working as an Events volunteer, assisting with the organisation of the Fun Run. Her work interests are in marketing. She is from Australia and her interests are in mental health, trauma, running and property.
Wei Lin Toh is a research officer , working with Professor Susan Rossell. Her work interests are in eye- tracking in body dysmorphic disorder and obsessive compulsive disorder.
Also auditory verbal hallucinations in bipolar disorder and major depressive disorder.
Wei Lin is from Singapore and enjoys travel , trying new foods, has a passion for animal welfare and especially loves dogs.

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