25 May 2014

Social Media for Researchers Seminar

Social Media for Researchers Seminar
Tuesday 3rd June
12pm - 1pm
AMREP Lecture Theatre Alfred Hospital

Social media is now an important part of how everyone interacts; and this is no different in research.  Social media has been successfully used by researchers to coordinate multicentred studies, recruit participants, connect with collaborators, improve dissemination and increase citations.  This seminar will explore the valuable opportunities for public health professionals, researchers and clinicians to network, foster innovation and grow new ideas using social media.

Dr Hugh Stephens, MBBS, BMedSciHons, SPHPM PhD Scholar is a Social media expert and technology consultant with experience in social media strategy, risk management, digital and social analytics, consumer engagement strategy and marketing analytics.  He is one of the team behind #hcsmanz, the weekly Twitter chat about healthcare social media in Australia and NZ.www.hughstephens.com

Dr John Weiner, MBBS, FRCPA, FRACP, SPHPM PhD Scholar, allergist and blogger since 1998 www.allergynet.com.au/

Mr Tilahun Nigatu Haregu, BSc(Public Health), MPH(Epidemiology), SPHPM PhD Scholar, author of the blog "Publication 2 Application" www.publication2application.org