25 May 2014

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19/05/2014, 22/05/2014, 23/05/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, head of the Department of Gastroenterology, conducted an experiment in 2011 that linked gluten to people’s gastrointestinal distress. He conducted a further study which eliminated various confounding variables, and the results were in: there doesn't seem to be any such medical entity as non-celiac gluten intolerance. Instead, the most likely culprit for gastrointestinal discomfort were high FODMAP foods.
Yahoo! Finance, Gizmodo

Ballarat Courrier

20/05/2014 Adjunct Associate Professor Steve Ellen, Monash Alfred Psychiatry Research Centre, discussed lying, with reference to "political lies, white lies and damned lies"
The Conversation
21/05/2014 AA/Prof Ellen said that lying is not just for politicians, but is an every day occurrence, and makes for interesting research.  He drew to a conclusion that "lying is just ubiquitous"
ABC Goulburn Murray, 4BC