10 Mar 2014

Media Mentions (03-09 Mar)

07/03/2013 Prof Sharon Lewin, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, commented on the use of gene therapy to upgrade the immune system of HIV patients.  She mentioned that the idea of modifying a T-cell to make it resistant and showing it is feasible and they survive, is exciting.


07/03/2013 A/Prof Wendy Brown, Departmentof Surgery, commented on increased spending on supersized ambulances, hospital beds and reinforced toilets as hospitals struggle to cater for Australia's obesity epidemic.  She mentioned that facilities across Australia have had to enlarge hospital rooms, hallways and doorframes to improve access, and reinforce walls and ceilings to support the heavy-duty equipment, and that she'd expect to see more and more bariatric equipment in hospital wards.
Australian Doctor

03/03/2014 Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor Ian Haines, Department of Medicine, commented on prostate cancer surgery. He said there was

no real evidence that prostate cancer surgery changes the natural history of the disease and that we’re good at curing prostate cancers that are not a problem but not good at curing those biologically programmed to kill a person.

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