10 Mar 2014

Staff News

Welcome to the following new starters:

Dr Thomas Fulford
Teaching Associate
Ms Lakshmi Krishnan Research Assistant
Miss Jessica Lee
Research Assistant
Ms Claire Petitjean Research Assistant ACBD
Miss Lotte Toennesen Research Assistant
Miss Ashlee Conway Teaching Associate Immunology
Ms Christina Chang
Research Assistant Infectious Diseases
Mr Michael Roche
Research Fellow
Infectious Diseases
Miss Chloe Ngo
Teaching Associate
Dr Donia Moujalled
Research Officer
Miss Lucy Taylor General Staff Gastroenterology
Dr Simon Teteris Teaching Associate Immunology
AdjClin AssP Patrick Fiddes
Peninsula Clinical School
Dr Hugh Kelso
Teaching Associate
Peninsula Clinical School
Miss Orla O'Brien
Assistant Lecturer
Undergraduate Teaching, Alfred Hospital

Farewell and best wishes to the following staff: 

  • Dr Elizabeth McRobert, Senior Research Officer, Medicine