20 Jan 2015

Welcome to new NTRI staff

The National Trauma Research Institute NTRI has new staff members:
  • Cecily Schwab - a clinical psychologist with a significant business background.  Cec started in December, so many would have met her already, but she is replacing Kate Scott on the NTRI Forums and also helping out with some of the CETBIR and VNAC work.
  • Jarrod Donovan - an Alfred nurse who has ICU experience and will be working with the P.A.R.T.Y. team from today, assisting Janet McLeod in managing the the operations of the various parts of the program.
  • Crystal Seah and Natalie Lott - both will be working with Ornella Clavisi/Marije Bosch as casual data collectors working on the NET Program.
NTRI also has new Honorary Researchers working on the Enhanced Crash Investigation Study (ECIS): Emily Robertson and Karen Vlok.

Posted 6 Jan 2015 by Robyn Goodwill email robyn.goodwill@monash.edu

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