9 Nov 2014

Staff news

Welcome to the following new starters
  • Dr Dan Andrews joins the Department of Immunology and will be heading the NK Cell Biology Lab.  Dan is located on Level 6 of the Alfred Centre.
  • Dr Gennarino ('Jim') Rosella joins the Department of Gastroenterology.  Jim is a research scientist involved in clinical laboratory techniques.
  • Ms Nu Tran Joins the Department of Gastroenterology as the Social Media Assistant.
  • Vivian Monitto joins MAPrc's Women's Health Clinic Administration team
Ms Analin Baraniuk Joins MAPrcHer study and work interests include psychiatry, women's mental health, endocrinology, gynaecology and obstetrics. Analin is from Brazil and she enjoys physical exercise, cinema , ballroom dance and music.

Mr Jarrel Seah Joins the HealthMap project as their Technical Support Officer.  Jarrel is a CCS BMedSc(Hons) who, along with Jennifer Tang (SPHPM), recently won the Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Dr Beatriz Garcillan joins the Department of Immunology Beatriz is based in Prof Fabienne Mackay's lab.

Farewell and best wishes to

Kimberley D'Costa -Teaching Associate, Department of Immunology

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