30 Nov 2014

Media mentions

24/11/2014 Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, MAPrc, received a "Contribution to Community by an Individual" award in the 2014 Melbourne Awards.   Jayashri was recognised as a world leading pioneer and a passionate advocate for women’s mental health, who has delivered a range of reforms including the establishment of MAPrc; development of a world-first treatment approach for women with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depression; and establishment of a national register for managing pregnant women needing antipsychotic medications. Herald Sun

24/11/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, Department of Gastroenterology's study on IBS/coeliac sufferers mentioned.  The conclusion of the most recent research was that non-coeliac "gluten sensitivity" is a misnomer, as distress arises from the intake of FODMAPs rather than gluten.
Ballarat Courier

24/11/2014, 25/11/2014 Erica Neill, MAPrc, discussed the rise in anti-psychotic scripts for kids.  Erica said that as many as 100,000 prescriptions for anti-psychotics were written for Australian children in 2013 is cause for concern.  She also mentioned that though the drugs may be appropriate in a small number of cases, their possibly irreversible side effects make them highly undesirable for use in children. The Conversation; Australian Doctor

27/11/2014, 28/11/2014 Professor Fabienne Mackay, Department of Immunology, discussed factors, such as stress, that influence disease.  She explained that there are many studies that show stress is a modifier of one's immune system, and that some factors are immunosuppressants and those factors are produced during stress.  She also admitted that a "very difficult problem" with disease is that different factors can cause the same symptoms or diagnosis in people.
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