2 Nov 2014

Congratulations to Fabienne Mackay, Eric Chow and Jeffrey Rosenfeld

The AMREP Research Prize 2014 for the article describing original basic research published in the journal with the highest impact factor in 2013 was awarded to Professor Fabienne Mackay (Department of Immunology, Monash University). The prize was one of a suite awarded for work presented during the Alfred Research Week 27-31 October 2014. See more.

Dr Eric Chow's poster won the Burnet Prize for Infectious Diseases Research from  those submitted for the Alfred Research Week. The poster was entitled ‘Ongoing decline in genital warts among young heterosexuals seven years after the Australian Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination programme’.  See more.

Professor Jeffrey V. Rosenfeld is the new Director of the Monash Institute of Medical Engineering. See more

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