26 Oct 2014

Media mentions

20/10 2014 Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, MAPrc, says the most crucial thing we need to do is fund more mental health research. 
Herald Sun 
23/10/2014 Professor Kulkarni commented on domestic violence against migrant women.  She said that women from Asia and Africa seem to fare the worst, and that in Victoria the figures are high for migrant women from these continents.
SBS Ethnic Radio

21/10/2014 Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor Steven Ellen, MAPrc, commented on KPIs for life.  He mentioned why KPIs are important, how to pick a KPI to measure one's life, the possible life KPIs.  The said that the last person one would want to fool is oneself.
21/10/2014 Department of Gastroenterology's Low Fodmap diet app was mentioned as a guide for people with IBS.
The Listener