5 Oct 2014

Media mentions

16/09/2014  Dr Steven Petratos, Department of Medicine, received a funding grant from the International Progressive MS Alliance.  Monash story link
Reuters, Yahoo News, Morningston Star, 936 ABC 
22/09/2014 Dr Steven Petratos, is one of the 22 MS Researchers awarded a research grant as part of the International Progressive MS Alliance.
Australian Life Scientist

16/09/2014 Low-FODMAP diet is said to helps IBS sufferers, as it limits sugars poorly absorbed in the small intestine, such as lactose, fructans and fructose.
Sydney Morning Herald

18/09/2014 Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, Director, MAPrc, discussed the consequences of domestic violence on women and children.  She said that there has been an increase in domestic violence and the issue requires a community-wide response alongside drug and alcohol work, and housing and education involvement along with the health sector.
774 ABC 22/09/2014 2SER

19/09/2014 Adjunct Associate Professor Steve Ellen, MAPrc, discussed ethics, group psychology and Meteora.
The Conversation

26/09/2014 Adjunct Associate Professor Ellen commented on the uncharted passion, disrupted hormones and strange obsessions of a football fan.  He said that the best advice for the fan leading into the finals is to sit back and enjoy the ride.
The Conversation

22/09/2014 Monash University's PhD program and Dr Kate Hoy, MAPrc, are mentioned in an article on the reduction on government funds available for research funding, especially the National Health and Medical Research Council grants.
The Age, SMH, Brisbane Times, WA Today, Flinders News, plus 136 other online publications.

01/10/2014, 02/10/2014, 03/10/2014 CCS BMedSc(Hons) student Jarrel Seah (and Jennifer Tang) who invented the eyenaemia app met with Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.  Jarrel said, “It’s very thrilling. I don’t think many people can say Bill Gates has talked about you”.
Start Up Smart, ABC Darwin, BRW