17 Aug 2014

Research highlight: prebiotic diet 'could revolutionise our health'

Catalyst ABC TV are running a two part series on gut biota and its effect on our health. Part 1 was screened last week, featuring SOBS researchers Professor Charles Mackay and Dr Alison Thorburn. This week (8 pm Thursday 21 Aug), Part 2 screens with a young, fit, active and apparently healthy man, Gideon Cordover, who trials a fibre-rich diet designed by dietitian and nutrition researcher Dr Jane Muir and prepared by Masters student Trish Veitch, from Central Clinical School. Gideon has been eating an unhealthy diet predominantly of fast food. In the words of the Catalyst promo, "changing the foods we eat could revolutionise our health and treat disease." See more about the prebiotic diet at www.med.monash.edu.au/cecs/gastro/prebiotic/.