27 Jul 2014

Media mentions

24/07/2014 Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor Steven Ellen, MAPrc, spoke about the rise in HIV infection in the context of the current AIDS conference in Melbourne.

23/07/2014 Professor Jeffrey Rosenfeld, Head of the Department of Surgery, Alfred Hospital, on a lecture about being a brain surgeon.
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23/07/2014 Emma Halmos, Department of Gastroenterology, commented on the low-FODMAP diet.  She mentioned that the functional significance and health implications might lead to caution about reducing FODMAP intake in the longer term.
6 Minutes, Gastroenterology Update

23/07/2014 Dr Kim Murphy and Dr Fabien Vincent, both in the Department of Immunology, discuss exercise and its impact on the immune system.

22/07/2014 Professor Sharon Lewin, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, commented on the case of recurrence of HIV in a toddler, who was thought to have been cured of the virus.  She said that it was a surprising and disappointing result, not only for the child herself, but also that we've been reminded about how difficult it will be to find a cure or a way for people to safely stop treatment. Radio National
22/07/2014 Professor Lewin suggested that it is possible to cure HIV but we need to proceed with caution. The Conversation
23/07/2014 Professor Lewin commented on the AIDS 2014 conference.
Channel 7 Melbourne, Channel 7 Adelaide, Channel 7 Sydney, Prime 7 Wagga Wagga, Southern Cross Tasmania.
25/07/2014 Professor Lewin updated on the International AIDS Conference.
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28/07/2014 One of the most effective treatments for digestive problems such as IBS is following a diet called FODMAP, an acronym for the various carbohydrates that produce gas in the large intestine. Woman's Day (NZ Edition), p.54