1 Jun 2014

Media mentions

26/05/2014 Dr Katie Flanagan, an adjunct senior lecturer in the Department of Immunology, commented that people can be bombarded with information about vaccinations which can make it hard for them to pick out the right information. ABC Radio
See more about Dr Flanagan and her work.

26/05/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, Department of Gastroenterology, has released new research on the rates of experienced depression by people who are gluten intolerant.  Gibson said studies show that gluten seemed to specifically cause depression over a short time.
Hobart Mercury, Herald Sun, Channel 9
27/05/2014 Radio National, Channel 9, WIN TV, Sky News
29/05/204 Professor Gibson said that  no specific response to gluten could be found, in contrast to their first study which suggested that gluten could trigger gastrointestinal pain in people without coeliac disease.
NBR Food Industry week, New Zealand General News, page 6

28/05/2014 Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, Monash Alfred Psychiatric recearch centre comments on women's menstrual cycles and their impact on women's mental health. Women's Health and Fittness
29/05/2014 Professor Kulkarni commented on new research which has revealed that oestrogen can help treat schizophrenia in previously treatment-resistant women.  The study is the first large scale trial for women with treatment-resistant schizophrenia. MX