4 May 2014

Other news: Flu tracking

Flu tracking

Flutracking is about to kick off again for 2014! All responses confirmed that 2013 was a mild flu year. Please help the collection of data:


Flutracking would really like to recruit another 1,000 people to help track influenza around Australia. They currently have 16,000 Flutrackers. It entails 10 seconds per week to help us track flu and receive a weekly flu report and flu map. Find out more at:

Respect research

Tony Abbott’s big business dominated Commission of Audit made a number of recommendations about the future of research funding in Australia. The Commission’s recommendations could see Australia’s research funding slashed, and important scientific organisations downsized or abolished completely.

With less than two weeks to go to the Federal Budget, the Audit Report makes us even more worried about what the government will do.
That is why it is critical that we all take a stand now and ask the government to respect research.
The Commission has also suggested a tighter leash on the flexibility of research for organisations such as the CSIRO, to ensure resources are directed towards the Government’s ‘greatest policy priorities’. This follows reports that the CSIRO is looking at cuts of up to 20% in the coming Budget.
If you haven’t done so already please sign our pledge to Respect Research, share the pledge on social media and forward it to your colleagues and friends.
Please sign and share the pledge - http://www.respectresearch.com.au/