23 Mar 2014

Media mentions (17-21 Mar)

17/03/2014 Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, Director, MAPrc, commented on smoking and the addictive properties in nicotine.   She mentioned that those who're thinking of giving up smoking can get assistance from Quitline, they can also use nicotine patches and
other replacement treatments.
19/03/2014 Dr Jane Muir, Department of Gastroenterology, commented on research into sufferers of irritable bowel syndrome.  She discussed the low-FODMAP diet, noting its ability to help many people with digestive woes gain back their life.
4BC Brisbane, Healthy Food Guide

17/03/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, HoD Gastroenterology and Dr Jane Muir, were involved in the development of an app that assists people with understanding the foods that trigger IBS reactions. The app has received very good reviews.
Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times