31 Mar 2014

AMREP Early Career Researcher News - 12th edition now published.

AMREP EMCR newsletter
The EMCR Committee is pleased to launch the 12th edition of the AMREP EMCR newsletter! Everyone has heard of the The Australian Academy of Science but did you know AAS has an extensive EMCR support network? Find out more about the AAS EMCR Forum and what it's all about! You’ll also find reports on the AMREP ECR Retreat, and information about upcoming professional development seminars and the AMREP EMCR Conference. As usual, the ECR Spotlight is packed full of recent publications, awards and achievements by our AMREP peers. If all that science gets too much for you, flip to the photo pages to see the crazy rockstar costumes sported at the AMREP ECR Retreat networking night! (See more photos). More about EMCR on their web pages.