14 Sep 2014

Welcome to our new mid year Honours students

CCS would like to extend a warm welcome to our new mid year Honours students:

Natasha Setiabakti - BMedSc(Hons)
Thesis title: Determining the location and function of PI3KC2α in platelets and megakaryocytes
Supervisor: Dr Justin Hamilton
Department: ACBD

Sachin Gamage - BiomedSc(Hons)
Thesis title: The effects of long ITI (LITI) and short ITI (SITI) rTMS measured by ECT and NIRS
Supervisor: Dr Richard Thompson and Dr Rebecca Seagrave
Department: MAPrc

Kyal Young - BSc(Hons)
Thesis title: Examining signalling pathway changes in human lupus
Supervisor: A/Prof Margaret Hibbs
Department: Immunology

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