10 Aug 2014

Media mentions

04/08/2014 Associate Professor Edwina Wright, Department of Infectious Diseases, commented on HIV.  She said that in Australia, the average person has been infected for about three years before diagnosis,
The Saturday Paper

05/08/2014 Dr Kate Hoy, MAPrc, discussed the premise of the film Lucy.   She said that it is a myth that people only use ten per cent of their brain, and it is proven
that people use 100 per cent of the brain, and that television shows and movies over the years have taken the theory and made entertainment out of it.
ABC North Queensland

05/08/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, Head of the Department of Gastroenterology 's research on gluten intolerance, referenced.
Esquire Malaysia
11/08/2014 Professor Gibson, is referenced in a discussion about gluten free diets.
Medical Oberver

06/08/2014 Jarrel Seah (Central Clinical School) and Jennifer Tang, both medical students, have developed an Eyenaemia app pulled top marks at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup, netting the trophy, a $50,000 prize, and a private meeting with Bill Gates.
Gadget Guy