13 Jul 2014

Photo of the week: 10 July 2014 HIV public lecture

Slide from Professor Jenny Hoy's talk on the stigma of HIV
The 2014 CCS public lecture by Prof Jenny Hoy was held last Thursday 10 July.  Around 140 people braved the cold and wet weather to hear Professor Jenny Hoy give a superb talk about her journey through the era of HIV/AIDS. Jenny's presentation provided an excellent overview of the history of the disease, the changing nature of problems for patients as well as future directions in research and treatment. Read more below about this slide and for updates about publication of the photo gallery and video upload.
Prof Hoy said, "The first case of AIDS in Victoria was diagnosed in 1983, but the first cases at Fairfield Hospital were in 1984. The Medical Journal of Australia called it the 'black plague' on their front cover (for which they received immense criticism from many quarters for the selection of images) and the Federal Government launched the Grim Reaper campaign – also not without its critics. While the advertisement was probably very effective in preventing a number of HIV infections and made people think about their lifestyle behaviours, it also heralded the beginning of the intense stigma and discrimination for both the affected communities as a whole, as well as patients with HIV and AIDS."
We will be posting a photo gallery and uploading a video link in the next 2-3 weeks with slides embedded as part of the video. See CCS Monash's Google+ page for more photo albums.
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