20 Jul 2014

Media mentions

09/07/2014 Professor Sharon Lewin, Head of Department of Infectious Diseases, commented on a setback in the search for a cure to HIV, the virus which causes AIDS. 
ABC Radio National plus 126 regional radio syndications. 
612 ABC Brisbane (Brisbane)
18/07/2014 Professor Lewin, commented on the news that the "Mississippi Baby" who was reportedly cured of HIV, still shows signs of the virus. 
UK News Yahoo!, Yahoo! News Australia 
21/07/2014 Professor Lewin commented on the the 20th International AIDS Conference.   She said that AIDS 2014 is quite an unique meeting and that it's completely multi-disciplinary.  She said that it has three major programs within it, Science, Leadership and Community and those three pillars are really essential in getting advances in the HIV response.
Radio Australia, Intellasia.net, Gay News Network, Reuters UK, Yahoo! UK and Ireland and five other online publications

09/07/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, Head of Department of Gastroenterology, comments on the 'great gluten debate', clarifying recent research findings which suggest that people who think they are gluten-sensitive might instead be reacting to the #FODMAPs found in wheat.
New Scientist 12 July 2014

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