13 Jul 2014

Media mentions

30/06/2014 Professor Peter Gibson, Head of the Department of Gastroenterology commented on coeliac disease.  He mentioned that Non-coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (NCGS) is psychological and that it has "never been a contention we have supported."  ABC Radio, Saturday Age, Sydney Morning Herald, Canberra Times.
02/07/2014 Comment on problems with people avoiding gluten in their diet despite there being no need for it in many cases. 720 ABC Perth 
10/07/2014 Comment on gluten free diets. The Press, Christchurch.

01/07/2014 Professor Paul Fitzgerald, MAPrc, commented about the Facebook app to predict mental health relapses in patients.  He said that the app will monitor the patient's Facebook activity and that the final version of the app will be available in two years. 4BC
04/07/2014 ABC North and West SA
02/07/2014 Professor Sharon Lewin, Head of the Department of Infectious Diseases, discussed about recent news reports on four babies born with HIV who were reportedly 'cured'.  She said that this is not a cure or AIDS vaccine, but the results seen in the four Canadian babies is encouraging.  3AW
08/07/2014 Commented on the AIDS 2014 conference, for which she will be the co-chair.  She said that the upcoming AIDS 2014 conference will showcase Melbourne as a place that can successfully commercialise leading research.  Herald Sun
03/07/2014 Professor Robyn O'Hehir, Head of the Department of AIRmed, commented on the possible allergic reactions to goats milk in some skin creams. Warracknabeal Herald

10/07/2014  Associate Professor Edwina Wright, Department of Infectious Diseases, discussed five promising steps forward in HIV science: Treatment as prevention, Pre-exposure prophylaxis, Antiretroviral therapy, Co-infection of HIV and hepatitis C, Towards a cure. The Conversation

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