13 Jul 2014

Congratulations to A/Prof Michelle Giles, Dr Fabien Vincent and Dr Lachlan Gray

Lancet letter by Young Physician Leaders Michelle Giles and Fabien Vincent

2013 YPL workshop
Associate Professor Michelle Giles (Department of Infectious Diseases and the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology) and Dr Fabien Vincent (Rheumatologist and PhD student, Department of Immunology) have published a Correspondence letter in The Lancet, entitled: "Leadership training by the InterAcademy Medical Panel: what has it achieved in three years of the Young Physician Leaders Programme?" Both early career researchers were among the 19 selected Young Physician Leaders (YPL) participants in the world to attend the IAMP YPL Programme, representing Monash at the World Health Summit in 2013 in Berlin. See article link.

Congratulations to Dr Lachlan Gray, featured on 'Science' careers website

Dr Lachlan Gray was recently interviewed for an article in Science Careers, part of the journal Science, on his research interests and future prospects. Lachlan is a senior postdoctoral fellow at the Burnet Institute in Melbourne whose area of study is HIV. While it is no longer the death sentence it was when it was first discovered 3 decades ago, HIV is proving extremely difficult to eradicate. Lachlan is one of a small number of scientists worldwide trying to shed light on how HIV spreads to the brain, where it can cause neurocognitive disorders and establish viral reservoirs that make it resistant to the available drugs. See link for detail.

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