22 Jun 2014

Media mentions

16/06/2014 Professor Jayashri Kulkarni, Director, MAPrc, commented on a seven year study of women who take anti psychotic medication during pregnancy.   She said that this new research confirms that most babies are born healthy, but many experience neonatal problems such as respiratory distress.
18/06/2014 Prof Kulkarni commented on how on some people  are being very obsessed with sport to the point they put the rest of their lives on hold, and also talks about the lack of coverage of women's sport.
Channel 10 Melbourne

19/06/2014 Professor Robyn O'Hehir, Head, Department of Allergy, Immunology and Respiratory medicine, on their published case study about how the use of 'natural' skincream containing goat's milk sensitised a woman with atopic eczema, so much so, that eating a small quantity of goat's cheese caused an anaphylactic allergic reaction. For those of us with eczema - avoid skincream products with food ingredients (goat and cow milk, coconut milk and oil, nut and oat oil)!
Hobart Mercury, Herald Sun, Courier Mail, www.medianet.com.au

20/06/2014 Dr Jane Muir, Head of Transitional Nutrition, Department of Gastroenterology, and Professor Peter Gibson will be available for interview this week at the 47th Annual Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Convention on the following topics:
  • Separating fact from fiction – Dr. Jane Muir from Monash University will debunk the myths surrounding the emerging story of gut health.
  • The gluten-free boom – Professor Peter Gibson will take on the newest trend of gluten-free foods head on, exploring whether increasing demand is driven by consumers, pseudoscience or science.